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TEMANO – Innovative & ecological moorings

New Marine Technologies

Temano offers innovative and ecological solutions

TELASTO products (Elastomeric Technologies): Innovative moorings from anchoring to buoy

ALPHAETCO services: Maintenance, infrastructure control, hyperbaric interventions


Our products are subject to rigorous quality control.


Temano® systems are guaranteed and secure


The systems are eco-responsible: Less dragging on the seabed, reduction of shocks in the line, increase in service life.

Rubber Shock Absorber

The Temano® shock absorber is composed of 2 inserts in stainless steel 316 including a swivel and a central core to restrict the elongation of the Rubber to 4 times its initial length.

Drilled anchor

The drilled anchorage allows a pure and simple substitution of dead bodies with unit resistances of up to 20T, limiting the impact on the seabed. The anchorage is composed of a set of steel (and/or stainless steel) rods drilled to a sufficient depth to find a coherent floor (up to 10m in practice) and a sealing injection with natural cement.


The Temano® buoy

TEMANO also offers a modular buoy system with less ecological impact. (40-60L)

Innovative and ecological systems

Anchor output


Nicolas SAMZUN – President TEMANO

Quentin DEMOULIN – Director TELASTO

Cyril le Cunff – ALPHAETCO Team Leader

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