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The first buoy specially designed for rope : No Shear.

Modular Buoys

Mooring Buoys

Connected Buoys

  • Our buoys are modular and non-foamed
  • Made in France 🇫🇷 from high quality HDPE = strong UV resistance = 10 year guarantee
  • 3 facets for marking and numbering.
  • The radius of curvature at the chimney outlet eliminates the shearing of the line
  • A connected box can be added to our buoys
  • Reservation application and notification system
  • Real-time presence detection GPS location
  • Up to 10 years of autonomy

Our buoys are modular and not foamed. Less material for higher quality.

Modular buoy

High quality flexible HDPE

UV Resistant

Volumes : 25 to 150L

A stable and light buoy

Dimensions : 15x Ø50cm & 50x Ø70cm